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Troubleshoot OpenSearch® Dashboards

OpenSearch® Dashboard is unavailable

OpenSearch Dashboards requires that the version of OpenSearch on your cluster be the same. If OpenSearch Dashboards is unavailable, you will see the following error message in the OpenSearch Dashboards logs:

This version of OpenSearch Dashboards (v1.3.2) is incompatible with the following OpenSearch nodes
in your cluster: v1.2.4 @ opensearch-searchdex-1.aiven.local/[${ipaddress}]:9200 (${ip_address})

This situation typically occurs when a new version of OpenSearch is released.

When a new version of OpenSearch is available, any newly created nodes for the service will automatically use the latest version. The Aiven platform will identify any variance in versions among the service nodes and initiate the process of upgrading outdated ones to the new version. Following the successful completion of this upgrade, OpenSearch Dashboards will be accessible.