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Integrate with Grafana®

You can monitor and set up alerts for the data in your Aiven for OpenSearch® service with Grafana®. This feature is especially powerful if you're sending your Aiven service logs to an OpenSearch instance using log integration.


  1. Aiven for OpenSearch service.
  2. Aiven for Grafana service, see how to get started with Aiven for Grafana.


we'll use these values later in the set up. They can be found in your Aiven for OpenSearch service page, in the connection information.

OPENSEARCH_URIService URI of your OpenSearch service.
OPENSEARCH_USERUsername to access OpenSearch service.
OPENSEARCH_PASSWORDPassword to access OpenSearch service.

Integration steps

  1. Log into Aiven for Grafana.
  2. In Configuration menu, select Data sources.
  3. Click to Add data source.
  4. Find OpenSearch in the list and select it. You'll see a panel with list of settings to fill in.
  5. Use your preferred in the Name field. You'll use it later for creating dashboards and alerts.
  7. In Auth section enable Basic auth and With Credentials.
  8. In Basic Auth Details set your OPENSEARCH_USER and OPENSEARCH_PASSWORD.
  9. Scroll down to OpenSearch details and set the index name or an index pattern (for example, logs-*).
  10. Set the time field name (in case you use the log integration it will be timestamp).
  11. Press on Save & test. In case of errors, verify that the data source information is set correctly.

Create dashboards and alerts

Using the interface of Grafana you can now create dashboards and alerts.

Select Create from the menu on the left and select to create either a dashboard or an alert rule. Follow the instructions to set them up.