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Connect to OpenSearch® cluster with NodeJS

The most convenient way to work with the cluster when using NodeJS is to rely on OpenSearch® JavaScript client. Follow its README file for installation instructions.

To connect to the cluster, you'll need service_uri, which you can find either in the service overview in the Aiven console or get through the Aiven command line interface service command. service_uri contains credentials, therefore should be treated with care.

We strongly recommend using environment variables for credential information. A good way to do this is to use dotenv. You will find installation and usage instructions on its library's project page, but in short, you need to create .env file in the project and assign SERVICE_URI inside of this file.

Add the require line to the top of your file:


Now you can refer to the value of service_uri as process.env.SERVICE_URI in the code.

Add the following lines of code to create a client and assign process.env.SERVICE_URI to the node property. This will be sufficient to connect to the cluster, because service_uri already contains credentials. Additionally, when creating a client you can also specify ssl configuration, bearer token, CA fingerprint and other authentication details depending on protocols you use.

const { Client } = require('@opensearch-project/opensearch')

module.exports.client = new Client({
node: process.env.SERVICE_URI,

The client will perform request operations on your behalf and return the response in a consistent manner.