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When to create an index

This article will help you determine weather to create an index per customer/project/entity or to look for alternatives.

Consider creating a new index per customer/project/entity when

  • you have a very limited number of entities (tens, not hundreds or thousands);
  • it's very important you can easily and efficiently delete all the data related to a single entity.

For example, storing logs or other events on per-date indexes ( logs_2018-07-20, logs_2018-07-21 etc.) adds value assuming old indexes are cleaned up. If you have low-volume logging and want to keep indexes for very long time (years?), consider per-week or per-month indexes instead.

It is not recommended to create an index per customer/project/entity if

  • you have potentially a very large number of entities (thousands), or you have hundreds of entities and need multiple different indexes for each and every one;
  • you expect a strong growth in number of entities;
  • you have no other reason than separating different entities from each other;

Instead of creating something like items_project_a, consider using a single items index with a field for project identifier, and query the data with OpenSearch® filtering. This will be far more efficient usage of your OpenSearch service.


Aiven does not place any restrictions on the number of indices in your OpenSearch service.