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OpenSearch® cross-cluster replication


Aiven for OpenSearch® cross-cluster replication (CCR) is a limited availability feature. If you're interested in trying out this feature, contact the sales team at

Cross-cluster replication in Aiven for OpenSearch allows you to replicate the entire cluster, including all of its indexes, mappings, and metadata, from one service to another across different regions and cloud providers.

Cross-cluster replication follows an active-passive model where the follower service pulls all data and indexes from the leader service. Once you have a cross-cluster replication setup, the leader cluster automatically replicates data to all its follower clusters. You can set up follower clusters in different regions and on different cloud providers. For simplicity, all index creation, deletion, new data, metadata, and configuration will be replicated automatically.

Benefits of cross-cluster replication

Some of the key benefits of cross-cluster replication include the following:

  • Data locality/proximity: Replicating data to a cluster closer to the user's geographical location helps reduce latency and response time.
  • Horizontal scalability: Splits a query-heavy workload across multiple replica clusters to improve application availability.
  • High availability and Disaster recovery (active-passive): With tolerance for outages or complete failure of clusters, cross-cluster replication ensures uninterrupted service availability with the ability to failover to an alternate cluster.
  • Centralized reporting cluster: Having a single replica cluster as a single source of truth between different master cluster


Some limitations include:

  • Cross cluster replication is not available for Hobbyist and Startup plans.
  • During creation, the follower cluster service must have the same service plan as the leader cluster service. This ensures the follower cluster service has as much memory as the leader cluster. You can change the service plan as required later.
  • To delete the cross cluster replication integration, delete the follower cluster service.
  • Maintenance upgrade, major version upgrade needs to be done manually for both Leader and Follower service.
  • In case of a node recycle event, replication will be paused until the service is running again.

Set up cross-cluster replication for Aiven for OpenSearch®.