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Aiven for OpenSearch® backups

Aiven for OpenSearch® databases are automatically backed up, encrypted, and stored securely in object storage. Backups are stored in the same region as the main service nodes.

Depending on the service plan, we offer single backups for disaster recovery or daily backups with different retention periods:

  • Hobbyist plans: single backup for disaster recovery
  • Startup plans: daily backups with a 2-day retention period
  • Business plans: daily backups with a 14-day retention period
  • Premium plans: daily backups with a 30-day retention period

To allow returning to an earlier point in time, Aiven for OpenSearch uses two kinds of backups - hourly and daily. Each type has its own backup frequency interval and retention period. Currently, you cannot configure these settings.


Aiven for OpenSearch currently only supports restoring from daily backups or hourly backups from the previous day.

Find out more about using your backups in our guide: Restore an OpenSearch® backup