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Retention rules in Aiven for Metrics

Retention rules in Aiven for Metrics® define how long your metrics data is stored.

By default, all data is retained indefinitely, ensuring uninterrupted access to historical insights. Optimize storage and access to historical data by tailoring retention periods to align with specific data strategies, compliance needs, and cost management goals.

Define retention rules

Aiven for Metrics uses the Thanos Metrics Compactor to simplify retention settings. A single parameter, compactor.retention.days, sets the same retention period for all types of data: raw, 5-minute downsampled, and 1-hour downsampled.

To adjust the compactor.retention.days parameter:

  1. Click Service settings from the sidebar.
  2. Scroll to Advanced configuration and click Configure.
  3. Click Add configuration options.
  4. Locate the compactor.retention.days parameter.
  5. Set the desired retention period by adjusting the parameter value.
  6. Click Save configuration.

Downsampling time series data

Downsampling in Aiven for Metrics is the process of lowering the resolution of time series data while preserving its essential informational value. By aggregating this data into distinct 5-minute and 1-hour intervals, the technique significantly enhances the speed and efficiency of queries over long periods. This approach optimizes storage usage and ensures that the data remains manageable and accessible, retaining crucial details.