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Get started with Aiven for M3DB

To begin your journey with Aiven for M3DB, there are two M3-related services available in the Aiven console. Start with an M3DB service, which is responsible for data storage. Follow these instructions to create a new Aiven for M3DB service.

For initial experimentation with M3DB, you can opt for a single-node setup using our startup plans. However, it is important to note that this configuration is not recommended for production use. For production environments, we recommend trying the 3-node clusters available with our business plans or considering a premium plan that suits your specific requirements. You can always scale up your plan as needed, so there's no need to worry if you're unsure about the details.


The M3 Aggregator service provides extra query functionality when performing complex queries against the distributed data set

Connection details

The service overview screen provides connection information for various methods of connecting to M3DB.

  • M3 Coordinator is the endpoint for a direct connection.
  • InfluxDB® protocol is also supported by M3DB. This means you can use a new or existing InfluxDB application to store data in M3DB instead.
  • Prometheus gets two entries since the read and write operations are on different paths.
  • Graphite section shows the details you will need to connect with Graphite.