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Karapace schema registry authorization

The schema registry authorization feature when enabled in Karapace schema registry allows you to authenticate the user, and control read or write access to the individual resources available in the Schema Registry. Authorization in Karapace is achieved by using Access Control Lists (ACLs). ACLs provide a way to achieve fine-grained access control for the resources in Karapace.


Karapace schema registry authorization is enabled on all Aiven for Apache Kafka® services. The exception is older services created before mid-2022, where the feature needs to be enabled.

Common use cases

Some of the common use cases for Karapace schema registry authorization include:

  • Schemas as API contract among teams: Allow teams to leverage schemas as API contracts with other teams by providing read-only access to schemas in Schema Registry.
  • Kafka as a communication broker with third parties: Allow conditional read-only access to schemas by third parties to establish Kafka topics as communication channels.
  • Schema registration automated with CI/CD: Achieve automation of schema registration using Continuous Integration(CI) tools in such a way that add, update and delete operations on schemas is limited to the CI Tools. At the same time, the different applications are allowed read-only access to the schemas as needed.
  • Segregated consumers of Schema Registry and REST Proxy: Limits the attack surface by segregating and limiting access to only what is required for the consumers of the Schema Registry and REST Proxy.