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Tiered storage overview page in Aiven Console Early availabilty

Aiven for Apache Kafka® offers a comprehensive overview of tiered storage, allowing you to understand its usage and make informed decisions.

This overview page provides insights into various aspects of tiered storage, including hourly billing, settings, and storage details.


Access tiered storage overview page

  1. Log in to the Aiven console, choose your project and select your Aiven for Apache Kafka service.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Tiered Storage.
    • If tiered storage is not yet enabled for your service, you will see the option to enabled it.
    • If tiered storage is enabled but not configured for any topics, you have the option to set it up for topics directly. For more details, see Enable and configure tiered storage for topics.
  3. Once configured, you can view an overview of tiered storage and its associated details.

Key insights of tiered storage

Get a quick snapshot of the essential metrics and details related to tiered storage:

  • Current billing expenses in USD: Displays your tiered storage costs, calculated at hourly rates.
  • Forecasted month cost in USD: Estimate your upcoming monthly costs based on current usage.
  • Remote tier usage in bytes: View the volume of data that has been tiered.
  • Storage overview: View how topics use remote storage.

Current tiered storage settings

This section provides an overview of the current local cache details and retention policy configurations for tiered storage:

  • Default local retention time (ms): Shows the current local data retention set in milliseconds.
  • Default local retention bytes: Shows the configured volume of data, in bytes, for local retention.

Modify retention policies

  1. In the Tiered storage settings section, click Actions(...) and click Update tiered storage settings.
  2. Within Update tiered storage settings page, adjust the values for:
    • Local Cache
    • Default Local Retention Time (ms)
    • Default Local Retention Bytes
  3. Click Save changes.

Remote storage overview

Explore the specifics of your storage usage and configurations:

  • Remote storage usage by topics: Analyze how much tiered storage each topic uses.
  • Filter by topic: Narrow down your view to specific topics for focused insights.