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Manage Apache Kafka® parameters

Every Aiven for Apache Kafka® service comes with a set of configuration properties that define values like partition count, replication factor, retention time, whether an automatic topic creation is enabled or not and others.


Check a short video tutorial for an end-to-end example of how to manage Aiven for Apache Kafka® parameters.

You can read and edit these configuration properties in the Advanced configuration section of the Overview page in Aiven web console or using the Aiven CLI service update command.


Most of the Apache Kafka settings cause the service to restart when changed. Aiven for Apache Kafka restarts nodes one at a time to ensure minimal disruption to service availability. However, it can take few minutes from the change before the new settings are in use.

Retrieve the current service parameters with Aiven CLI

To retrieve the existing Aiven for Apache Kafka configuration use the following command:

avn service get SERVICE_NAME --json

The output is the JSON representation of the service configuration.

Retrieve the customizable parameters with Aiven CLI

Not all Aiven for Apache Kafka parameters are customizable, to retrieve the list of those parameters you can change use the following command:

avn service types -v

The output is a set of customizable parameters for all the services, browse to the kafka section to check the ones available for Aiven for Apache Kafka.

Update a service parameter with the Aiven CLI

To modify a service parameter use the Aiven CLI service update command. for example, to modify the message.max.bytes parameter use the following command:

avn service update SERVICE_NAME -c "kafka.message_max_bytes=newmaximumbytelimit"

For some changes, like the message.max.bytes, client settings need to be amended as well. Otherwise, you may encounter issues with processing Kafka messages.