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Get started with tiered storage for Aiven for Apache Kafka® Early availabilty

Aiven for Apache Kafka®'s tiered storage optimizes resources by keeping recent data, typically the most accessed, on faster local disks. As data becomes less active, it's transferred to more economical, slower storage, balancing performance with cost efficiency.

For an in-depth understanding of tiered storage, how it works, and its benefits, see Tiered storage in Aiven for Apache Kafka®.

Enable tiered storage for service

To use tiered storage, enable it for your Aiven for Apache Kafka service. This foundational step ensures that the necessary infrastructure is in place.


Tiered storage for Aiven for Apache Kafka® is supported starting from Apache Kafka® version 3.6 and is not available for startup-2 plans.

Configure tiered storage per topic

Once the tiered storage is enabled at the service level, you can configure it for individual topics. In the Aiven for Apache Kafka Topics page, topics using tiered storage will display Active in the Tiered storage column.

For detailed instructions, see Configuring tiered storage for topics.

Tiered storage usage overview

Gain insights into tiered storage usage from the Tiered Storage Overview page in your Aiven for Apache Kafka service. This includes details on billing, settings, and specific storage aspects.

For more information, see Tiered Storage Overview in Aiven Console.