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Configure Prometheus for Aiven for Apache Kafka® using Privatelink

You can integrate Prometheus with your Aiven for Apache Kafka® service using Privatelink for secure monitoring. This setup uses a Privatelink load balancer, which allows for efficient service discovery of Apache Kafka nodes and enables you to connect to your Aiven for Apache Kafka service using a private endpoint in your network or VPCs.


Before you start, ensure you have the following:

Configuration steps

Basic configuration

Begin by configuring Prometheus to scrape metrics from your Aiven for Apache Kafka service. This setup involves specifying various parameters for secure data retrieval. Following is an example configuration:

- job_name: aivenmetrics
scheme: https
insecure_skip_verify: true
refresh_interval: 120s
insecure_skip_verify: true

Configuration details:

  • job_name: Identifies the set of targets, for example,, aivenmetrics.

  • scheme: Specifies the protocol, typically https.

  • tls_config: Manages TLS settings.


    Setting insecure_skip_verify: true is crucial, as it permits Prometheus to disregard TLS certificate validation against host IP addresses, facilitating seamless connectivity.

  • basic_auth: Provides authentication credentials for Apache Kafka service access.

  • http_sd_configs: Configures HTTP Service Discovery. Includes:

    • url: The URI for Prometheus Privatelink service access.
    • refresh_interval: The frequency of target list refresh, for example,, 120s.

The basic_auth and tls_config are specified twice - first for scraping the HTTP SD response and then to retrieve service metrics. This duplication is necessary because the same authentication and security settings are used to retrieve the service discovery information and scrape the metrics.

(Optional) Metadata and relabeling

If your setup involves multiple Privatelink connections, you can leverage Prometheus's relabeling for better target management. This approach allows you to dynamically modify target label sets before scraping.

To manage metrics from different Privatelink connections, include the __meta_privatelink_connection_id label in your configuration. This setup helps categorize and filter relevant metrics for each connection.

- source_labels: [__meta_privatelink_connection_id]
regex: 1
action: keep

The regex: 1 in the configuration is a placeholder. Make sure to replace 1 with the actual Privatelink connection ID that you wish to monitor.