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Tiered storage in Aiven for Apache Kafka® overview Early availabilty

Tiered storage in Aiven for Apache Kafka® enables more effective data management by utilizing two different storage types--local disk and remote cloud storage solutions such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blob Storage. This feature offers a tailored approach to data storage, allowing you to allocate frequently accessed data to high-speed local disks while offloading less critical or infrequently accessed data to more cost-effective remote storage solutions. Tiered storage enables you to indefinitely store data on specific topics without running out of space. Once enabled, it is configured per topic, giving you granular control over data storage needs.

  • Tiered storage for Aiven for Apache Kafka® is supported starting from Apache Kafka® version 3.6.
  • Tiered storage for Aiven for Apache Kafka® is not available for startup-2 plans.

Benefits of tiered storage

Tiered storage offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Scalability: With tiered storage in Aiven for Apache Kafka, storage and computing are effectively decoupled, enabling them to scale independently. This flexibility ensures that while the storage capacity can expand almost infinitely with cloud solutions, compute resources can also be adjusted based on demand, thereby eliminating any concerns about storage or processing limitations.
  • Cost efficiency: By moving less frequently accessed data to a cost-effective storage tier, you can achieve significant financial savings.
  • Operational speed: With the bulk of data offloaded to remote storage, service rebalancing in Aiven for Apache Kafka becomes faster, making for a smoother operational experience.
  • Infinite data retention: With the scalability of cloud storage, you can achieve unlimited data retention, valuable for analytics and compliance.
  • Transparency: Even older Kafka clients can benefit from tiered storage without needing to be explicitly aware of it.

When to and why use it

Understanding when and why to use tiered storage in Aiven for Apache Kafka will help you maximize its benefits, particularly around cost savings and system performance.

Scenarios for use:

  • Long-term data retention: Many organizations require large-scale data storage for extended periods, either for regulatory compliance or historical data analysis. Cloud services provide an almost limitless storage capacity, making it possible to keep data accessible for as long as required at a reasonable cost. This is where tiered storage becomes especially valuable.
  • High-speed data ingestion: Tiered storage can offer a solution when dealing with unpredictable or sudden influxes of data. By supplementing the local disks with cloud storage, sudden increases in incoming data can be managed, ensuring optimum system performance.
  • Unlock unexplored opportunities: Tiered storage in Aiven for Apache Kafka addresses existing storage challenges and opens the door to new and innovative use cases that were once unfeasible or cost-prohibitive. By eliminating traditional storage limitations, organizations gain the flexibility to support a wide range of applications and workflows, even those where Apache Kafka might have been considered impractical before. We encourage users to leverage this newfound flexibility to think creatively and redefine their experience with Apache Kafka.


Tiered storage costs are determined by the amount of remote storage used, measured in GB/hour. The highest usage level within each hour is the basis for calculating charges.