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Configuration backups for Apache Kafka®

Aiven for Apache Kafka® includes configuration backups that automatically back up key Apache Kafka® service configurations for you without any additional costs.

Suppose the Apache Kafka® service is powered off/on or an incident causes the Apache Kafka cluster to stop functioning. In that case, the configuration backup enables the restoration of your Apache Kafka® service to its previous state.

Whats included in configuration backups

The following data are backed up in the configuration backups:

  • Apache Kafka® topic-related configurations.
  • Everything related to Schema Registry (schemas, ids, subjects, compatibility levels).
  • Apache Kafka® Connect configurations.

Benefits of configuration backups

Some of the key benefits of configuration backups include the following:

  • Configuration backups are automatically enabled and stored in the Cloud storage.

  • Configurations are backed up in 3 hours intervals.

  • It helps with speedy disaster recovery in certain situations.


    In a rare scenario where all the nodes are lost, the configurations are lost and not accessible anymore.

  • It helps application users with a quick re-creation of Apache Kafka® services, allowing them to focus on development tasks rather than re-configuring the platform.


Configuration backups do not back up the actual data stored in topics, consumer groups, and their offsets. Only the Apache Kafka® cluster configurations are backed up.

For additional support with configuration backups for your Aiven for Apache Kafka® services, contact