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Update Grafana® service credentials

For improved security, it is recommended to periodically update your credentials.

For Grafana®, a few steps need to be performed manually to do this. You will need to have access to a web browser, and to have installed avn, the Aiven CLI tool.

  1. In the web browser, go to the Aiven Console page for your Grafana service.

  2. Login to the Grafana instance at the Service URI displayed on that page, using the avnadmin credentials.

  3. In the bottom-left of Grafana is a small avatar displayed above the help icon. Hover over it, and click Change password.

    Aiven Administrator in Grafana

  4. Change the password and make a note of it somewhere safe.

  5. Login with avn and then run the following command to update the stored password in the console:

    avn service user-password-reset \
    --username avnadmin \
    --new-password <new password noted above> \
    <service name>

    For example:

    avn service user-password-reset \
    --username avnadmin \
    --new-password my_super_secure_password \
  6. Refresh the Aiven Console and the new password should now be displayed for the avnadmin user.