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Aiven for Grafana® features

Aiven for Grafana® is a fully managed open-source monitoring, visualization, and alerting suite designed for your metrics. It features ready-made, customizable dashboards and plug-and-play integrations to facilitate the seamless operations of entire systems, ensuring smooth functionality.

Key features of Aiven for Grafana® include:

Quick and flexible deployment options

With Aiven for Grafana, you can enjoy a quick and flexible deployment process, ensuring production-ready Grafana clusters are available in 10 minutes. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred public cloud platform for deployment from over 100 regions supported. The deployment process also includes high-performance nodes to enhance performance. Aiven supports the Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC) deployment model, enabling you to meet strict control requirements.

Integrate with existing Aiven tools and data infrastructure

Aiven for Grafana seamlessly integrates various services and your existing Aiven tools. You can easily set up your Aiven services as data sources for Grafana and monitor their health in real time. This integration allows you to leverage the full potential of your data infrastructure, making it easier to manage and monitor. In addition to integration with Aiven services, Aiven also offers pre-built dashboards that allow you to monitor the health of your Aiven services. These dashboards provide valuable insights into the performance of your infrastructure, making it easier to identify and address potential issues.

Secure network connectivity

Aiven offers various options for secure network connectivity, including VPC peering, PrivateLink, and TransitGateway technologies. These options allow you to securely connect your data infrastructure to Aiven services and ensure the highest level of data security.

Log management

You can also integrate with popular logs management solutions such as OpenSearch® and Google Cloud Logging, which help monitor your system performance.

Monitoring with dashboards, plugins, and alerting

  • Dashboards and plugins: With Aiven for Grafana, you can monitor your data using ready-made dashboards. Benefit from over 60 advanced panel and data source plugins that provide a high level of customization to your monitoring solution.
  • Monitoring and alerting: Aiven for Grafana allows you to create monitoring solutions for all teams, enabling everyone to keep track of critical metrics. Additionally, you can implement an observability platform with alerting, ensuring that you are promptly notified in case of any issues.


You can also automate the process of building, configuring, and managing Aiven services by including your Aiven infrastructure in your Terraform tooling.