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Aiven for Apache Flink® limitation

There are likely differences between Aiven for Apache Flink and an Apache Flink service you run yourself. This is because Aiven for Apache Flink is a fully managed service. Aiven takes care of the underlying infrastructure and configuration tasks required to run a stable and reliable Flink service.

Some of the differences you might see between Aiven for Apache Flink and a self-managed Flink service include:

  • User-defined functions: Aiven for Apache Flink does not currently support using user-defined functions (UDFs).
  • Apache Flink CLI tool: The Apache Flink® CLI tool is not currently supported as it requires access to the JobManager in production, which is not exposed to customers.
  • Job-level settings: In Aiven for Apache Flink, each job inherits the cluster-level settings, and job-level settings are not yet supported. You cannot specify separate settings for individual jobs within the same cluster.
  • Flame graphs: Flame graphs are marked as an experimental feature in Apache Flink 1.15 and are not currently enabled in the Aiven for Apache Flink web UI.