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Advanced parameters for Aiven for Apache Flink®

See the configuration option available for Aiven for Apache Flink® service:


ip_filter array

IP filter

Allow incoming connections from CIDR address block, e.g. ''

service_log boolean,null

Service logging

Store logs for the service so that they are available in the HTTP API and console.

static_ips boolean

Static IP addresses

Use static public IP addresses

flink_version string,null

Flink major version

number_of_task_slots integer

min: 1 max: 1024

Flink taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots

Task slots per node. For a 3 node plan, total number of task slots is 3x this value

privatelink_access object

Allow access to selected service components through Privatelink

flink boolean

Enable flink

prometheus boolean

Enable prometheus