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Upgrade Aiven for Apache Flink

Upgrading to the latest version of Aiven for Apache Flink® allows you to benefit from improved features, enhanced performance, and better security.


  • Direct upgrades on active Aiven for Apache Flink services are not supported.
  • Upgrading to Apache Flink 1.19 requires creating a new service and manually transferring applications.

If you are using Aiven for Apache Flink version 1.16, which will soon reach end-of-life, create a new service for version 1.19 and migrate your applications to continue receiving support and take advantage of the latest enhancements.

  1. Create an Aiven for Apache Flink service using the Aiven Console, Aiven Client, or Terraform (provider version 4.19.0).
  2. Select Apache Flink 1.19 as the deployment version for the Aiven for Apache Flink service.

Step 2: Transfer your applications

For manually created applications:

  1. Stop the application deployment in the existing Aiven for Apache Flink service.
  2. Copy the source, sinks, and transformation statements from the existing service for your applications.
  3. Create applications in the new service and add the copied source, sinks, and transformation statements.
  4. Deploy the applications in the new service.

For more information, see Aiven for Apache Flink applications.


For information on breaking changes between versions, refer to the official Apache Flink release notes.

Step 3: Verify and power off the service

To complete the migration:

  1. Verify that the applications are operating correctly in the new Aiven for Apache Flink service.
  2. Power off and delete the old service after confirming the new service is running.