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Create a DataGen-based Apache Flink® table

The DataGen source table is a built-in connector of the Apache Flink system that generates random data periodically, matching the specified data type of the source table. This section provides you with information on how to connect DataGen as a source table in an Aiven for Apache ®Flink application.

To configure DataGen as the source using the DataGen built-in connector for Apache Flink, follow these steps:

  1. In the Aiven for Apache Flink service page, select Application from the left sidebar.
  2. Create an application or select an existing application for your desired data service integration.

If you are editing an existing application, you need to create a version of the application to make changes to the source or sink table.

  1. In the Create new version screen, select Add source tables.
  2. Select Add new table or select Edit to edit an existing source table.
  3. In the Table SQL section of the Add new source table or Edit source table screen, set the connector to datagen as shown in the example below:
`id` INT, `price` DECIMAL(32,2)
`connector` = 'datagen'


  • connector: The connector parameter is set to datagen, a built-in connector in Flink that generates random data in memory and is used as a source of data in Flink applications.

For more information on the connector types and the requirements for each, see the articles on Kafka connector types and the requirements for each connector type.

  1. In the Add sink tables screen, select the option to add a new sink table or edit an existing one.
  2. In the Create statement section, write the statement to test your SQL queries using random data.