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Tables in Aiven for Apache Flink®

With Aiven for Apache Flink®, you can easily create and manage data pipelines using Flink tables. These tables are created within an application on your Aiven for Apache Flink service, allowing you to map source and target data structures, and facilitating the process of data processing and transformation.

The interactive query feature on the table editor allows you to review the data structure of the tables. This feature therefore helps validating the data ingested into your application, ensure accurate data transformation, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

You can add and manage tables within the Flink application on your Aiven for Apache Flink service. You can also create tables for various data services integrations, such as Aiven for Apache Kafka®, Aiven for PostgreSQL®, and Aiven for OpenSearch®, depending on the data source and the type of analysis you want to perform.

For information on how to add, import, or edit tables in a Flink application, see Manage tables in Flink applications.