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Settings for Apache Kafka® connectors

Explore the necessary settings for standard and upsert Kafka connectors in Aiven for Apache Flink®.


Aiven for Apache Flink® supports the following data formats: JSON (default), Apache Avro, Confluent Avro, Debezium CDC. For more information on these, see the Apache Flink® documentation on formats.

ParameterDescriptionStandard connectorUpsert connector
Key data formatSets the format that is used to convert the key part of Kafka messages.OptionalRequired
Key fieldsDefines the columns from the SQL schema of the data table that are considered keys in the Kafka messages.Optional (required if a key data format is selected)Not available
Value data formatSets the format that is used to convert the value part of Kafka messages.RequiredRequired
Primary keyDefines the column in the SQL schema that is used to identify each message. Flink uses this to determine whether to insert a new message or update or delete an existing message. Defined with the PRIMARY KEY entry in the SQL schema for the data table. For example: PRIMARY KEY (hostname) NOT ENFORCEDOptionalRequired