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RedisJSON v2 syntax compatibility

Learn how to optimize your experience with RedisJSON in Aiven for Dragonfly® with the v2 JSONPath syntax using the $ root node.

JSONPath syntax versions

Aiven for Dragonfly services use the v2 JSONPath syntax, ensuring compatibility with RedisJSON. This syntax designates the dollar sign ($) as the root node for JSON paths, moving away from the previously used dot (.) notation. This modification improves JSON command standardization for seamless integration between Aiven for Dragonfly and RedisJSON.

For a comprehensive list of these JSON commands, see Dragonfly documentation.

Ensure compatibility with RedisJSON v2

  • Confirm library support: Ensure your application uses libraries compatible with RedisJSON's v2 JSONPath syntax. This might require updating to the latest versions of these libraries.
  • Adjust JSONPath expressions: Update your JSONPath expressions to use the $ root node. Convert dot notation paths ( to the v2 syntax ($
  • Testing: Test your application after making these adjustments to confirm that interactions with RedisJSON operate as expected, particularly in areas that rely heavily on JSONPath expressions.