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Aiven for Dragonfly® overview

Aiven for Dragonfly redefines in-memory database performance, extending beyond the capabilities of traditional Redis®* solutions.

Dragonfly is designed to overcome the limitations of Redis Open Source Software (Redis OSS), especially under high-load conditions. While renowned for its speed and adaptability as an in-memory data repository, Redis encounters limitations when handling large-scale data management and achieving high throughput. Dragonfly addresses these challenges by enabling vertical scaling, optimizing hardware resources, and supporting larger memory footprints.

With Aiven for Dragonfly, businesses can handle workloads exceeding 1 TB with more than 10 times the throughput performance of Redis OSS, along with reduced latency. This makes it an ideal solution for enterprises with growing data needs.


Aiven for Dragonfly is fully supported by Aiven's service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring its capability to manage production workloads. As the latest addition to Aiven services, we recommend initiating a proof of concept (PoC) with Aiven for Dragonfly to thoroughly evaluate its capabilities and confirm its fit for your production requirements.

Features and benefits

Aiven for Dragonfly offers numerous features and benefits:

  • Redis compatibility at scale: It is a seamless drop-in replacement for Redis, capable of handling extensive workloads with enhanced performance.
  • Optimized for large-scale operations: Dragonfly is specifically built to address the scalability and resource utilization limitations of Redis Open Source Software (Redis OSS).
  • Advanced performance: Dragonfly's unique threading model and shared-nothing architecture allow it to scale vertically, enhancing its performance efficiency, especially in environments with heavy data loads.
  • Efficient backup and memory management: Improved snapshot capabilities lead to more efficient memory usage during backups.
  • High availability and replication: It includes active-passive replication and persistence capabilities, ensuring data reliability and consistency.
  • Ease of integration: Dragonfly integrates smoothly with existing systems, requiring no code changes, simplifying the adoption process.

Use cases

  • Data-intensive enterprises: Ideal for businesses that necessitate robust, high-performance in-memory data storage and processing capabilities.
  • Scaling and performance needs: Perfectly suited for situations where the need for greater scalability and higher throughput goes beyond what Redis OSS can handle.