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Supported table engines in Aiven for ClickHouse®

This article lists the table engines that are currently supported in Aiven for ClickHouse®.

ClickHouse® supports several table engines that define the storage parameters, supported queries, and other aspects of the data tables. For details on each table engine, see the ClickHouse documentation.


To support node recycling for backup and restore procedures and high availability in the Aiven platform, some of the table engines are remapped. This means that in replicated databases, MergeTree engines are automatically replaced with ReplicatedMergeTree variants of the same engine.

Aiven for ClickHouse supports the following table engines:

EngineEngine family
AggregatingMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
BufferSpecial engines
CollapsingMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
DictionarySpecial engines
DistributedSpecial engines
GenerateRandomSpecial engines
GraphiteMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
MaterializedViewSpecial engines
MemorySpecial engines
MergeSpecial engines
MergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
NullSpecial engines
ReplacingMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
ReplicatedAggregatingMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
SetSpecial engines
SummingMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
VersionedCollapsingMergeTree (remapped)MergeTree
ViewSpecial engines