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Interfaces and drivers supported in Aiven for ClickHouse®

Find out what technologies and tools you can use to interact with Aiven for ClickHouse®.

Interfaces (protocols)

Aiven for ClickHouse® supports the following fundamental underlying interfaces (protocols):

  • Native TCP
  • MySQL Interface

For security reasons, you need TLS (plaintext) to connect to Aiven for ClickHouse.

Not supported interfaces (protocols)
  • HTTP
  • gRPC
  • PostgreSQL

For the full list of interfaces and protocols supported in ClickHouse, check out Drivers and Interfaces.

Drivers (libraries)

There are a number of drivers (libraries) that use one of the fundamental underlying interfaces supported in Aiven for ClickHouse under the hood. It's up to you to pick up a driver (library) of your choice and use it for connecting to your Aiven for ClickHouse service.


You can connect to Aiven for ClickHouse with any driver that uses TLS and one of the supported protocols.