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Formats for ClickHouse®-Kafka® data exchange

When connecting ClickHouse® to Kafka® using Aiven integrations, data exchange is possible with the following formats only:

Here's the modified HTML with backticks enclosed in <code> and asterisks enclosed in <strong>:

Format nameNotes
AvroBinary Avro format with embedded schema. Libraries and documentation:
AvroConfluentBinary Avro with schema registry. Requires the Karapace Schema Registry to be enabled in the Kafka service.
CSVExample: 123,"Hello"
JSONASStringExample: {"x":123,"y":"hello"}
JSONCompactEachRowExample: [123,"Hello"]
JSONCompactStringsEachRowExample: ["123","Hello"]
JSONEachRowExample: {"x":123,"y":"hello"}
JSONStringsEachRowExample: {"x":"123","y":"hello"}
MsgPackExample: {\\xc4\\x05hello. Libraries and documentation:
TSKVExample: x=123\ty=hello
TSVExample: 123\thello
TabSeparatedExample: 123\thello