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Secure a managed ClickHouse® service

You can secure your Aiven for ClickHouse® service in a few different ways. This article guides you on how to protect your service by restricting network access, using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and enabling service termination protection.

Restrict network access to your service

One of the most fundamental ways to keep your service secure is managing its network access properly. By default the service is publicly available but you can restrict the access by following the instruction in Restrict network access to your service.

Use Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

With VPC, no public internet-based access is provided to the service and it can only be connected to from the customer's peered VPC using a private network address. Read more on using VPC in Networking with VPC peering and check out how to create a VPC in Configure VPC peering.

Protect a service from termination

Aiven services can be protected against accidental deletion or powering off by enabling the Termination Protection feature.


Termination Protection has no effect on service migrations or upgrades.

Enable the termination protection

  1. Log in to Aiven Console, and select your ClickHouse® service from the Services view.
  2. On the Overview page of your service, select Service settings from the sidebar.
  3. On the Service settings page, go to the Service status section, and select Enable termination protection from the Actions (...) menu.

Termination Protection is enabled for your service: It cannot be terminated or powered down from the Aiven web console, via the Aiven REST API, or by using the Aiven command-line client.

Terminate a protected service

Before terminating or powering off a protected service, you need to disable Termination Protection for this service.


Running out of free Aiven sign-up credits causes the service to be powered down unless a credit card has been entered for the project.