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Enable tiered storage in Aiven for ClickHouse® Limited availabilty

Find out how to enable the tiered storage feature on your project and activate it for specific tables. To learn what tiered storage is, how it works, and why use it, see Tiered storage in Aiven for ClickHouse®.

About enabling tiered storage

To use the tiered storage feature:

  1. Contact the sales team to enable it at project level
  2. Set it up at table level using SQL.


  • When enabled, the tiered storage feature cannot be deactivated.


    As a workaround, you can create a table (without enabling tiered storage on it) and copy the data from the original table (with the tiered storage enabled) to the new table. As soon as the data is copied to the new table, you can remove the original table.

  • With the tiered storage feature enabled, it's not possible to connect to an external existing object storage or cloud storage bucket.


To enable tiered storage, use SQL and an SQL client (for example, the ClickHouse CLI client).


  • This feature is in limited availability. Contact the sales team to enable it for your project.
  • You have an Aiven organization and at least one project.
  • You have a command line tool (ClickHouse client) installed.
  • All maintenance updates are applied on your service (check in Aiven Console: your service's page > Service settings > Service management > Maintenance updates).

Enable tiered storage on a project

To enable tiered storage on your project, request it from the sales team at

Your project now supports tiered storage, and you can enable it for each table of your Aiven for ClickHouse services.

Enable tiered storage on a table

When you have tiered storage enabled on your project, you can move on to enabling it on your tables, both new and existing ones.

  1. Connect to your Aiven for ClickHouse service using, for example, the ClickHouse client (CLI).

  2. To activate the tiered storage feature on a specific table, set storage_policy to tiered on this table by executing the following SQL statement:

    ALTER TABLE database-name.table-name MODIFY SETTING storage_policy = 'tiered'

Tiered storage is enabled on your table and data in this table is now distributed between two tiers: SSD and object storage.

You can check if tiered storage is now supported (Active / Inactive) on your table in Aiven Console > Databases & Tables > Databases lists > Your database > Your table > the Tiered storage column.

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