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Connect Aiven for ClickHouse® to external databases via JDBC

You can use ClickHouse JDBC driver to connect external sources to your Aiven for ClickHouse database.

You will need Aiven for ClickHouse® service, accessible by HTTPS. The connection values you need can be found in Aiven Console > your service's page > Overview > Connection information > ClickHouse HTTPS & JDBC.

CLICKHOUSE_HTTPS_HOSTHTTPS service host of your ClickHouse service.
CLICKHOUSE_HTTPS_PORTHTTPS service port of your ClickHouse service.
CLICKHOUSE_USERUsername to access ClickHouse service.
CLICKHOUSE_PASSWORDPassword to access ClickHouse service.

Connection string

Replace CLICKHOUSE_HTTPS_HOST and CLICKHOUSE_HTTPS_PORT with your connection values:


You'll also need to provide user name and password to establish the connection. For example, if you use Java:

Connection connection = dataSource.getConnection("CLICKHOUSE_USER", "CLICKHOUSE_PASSWORD");