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Connect with cqlsh

This example shows how to connect to an Aiven for Apache Cassandra® service using cqlsh.


  1. The clqsh client installed. You can install this as part of the Cassandra server installation.
  2. Your service's CA Certificate downloaded and saved in your file system.


These are the placeholders you will need to replace in the code sample:

PASSWORDPassword of the avnadmin user
HOSTHost name for the connection
PORTPort number to use for the Cassandra service
SSL_CERTFILEPath of the CA Certificate for the Cassandra service

All the above variables and the CA Certificate file can be found in Aiven Console, in the service detail page.


Set the SSL_CERTFILE environment variable to the location of the CA Certificate for the Cassandra service:


Alternatively, you can provide the path to the CA Certificate file in the [ssl] section by setting the the certfile parameter in ~/.cassandra/cqlshrc

Go to the directory of your local Cassandra installation and execute the following from a terminal window:

./cqlsh --ssl -u avnadmin -p <PASSWORD> <HOST> <PORT>

You are now connected to the Cassandra database.