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Get started with Aiven for Apache Cassandra®

Start using Aiven for Apache Cassandra® by creating a service either in the Aiven Console or with the Aiven CLI.

Create a service in the console

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console.

  2. Create an Aiven for Apache Cassandra® service.

    Once the service is ready, its status changes to Running, which typically takes a couple of minutes, depending on your selected cloud provider and region.

Create a service with the Aiven CLI

To create a service using the Aiven CLI, decide on the service plan, cloud provider, and region for your new service and run the avn service create command.

avn service create demo-cassandra       \
--service-type cassandra \
--plan PLAN \
--project PROJECT_NAME
  • To preview the full list of default flags, run avn service create -h.
  • To list the type-specific options, run avn service types -v.