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Troubleshoot Caching connection issues

Learn troubleshooting techniques for your Aiven for Caching service and resolve common connection issues.

Important notes

By default, Aiven for Caching uses SSL connections, and these connections are closed automatically after 12 hours. This is not a parameter that can be changed. Aiven also sets the redis_timeout advanced parameter to 300 seconds by default.

Some Caching connections are closed intermittently

When experiencing connection issues with your Aiven for Caching service, some common things to check:

  • Some Redis®* clients do not support SSL connections. It is recommended to check the documentation for the Redis®* client being used to ensure SSL connections are supported.
  • If you notice older connections terminating, check the value configured for the redis_timeout advanced parameter. This parameter controls the timeout value for idle connections. Once the timeout is reached, the connection is terminated.

Methods for troubleshooting connections

A great way to troubleshoot connection issues is to arrange for a packet capture to take place. This can be achieved with tools like Tcpdump and Wireshark. This allows you to see if connections are making it outside your network to the Aiven for Redis®* instance.

Another tool you can use to help diagnose connection issues is the Socket Statistics CLI tool which dumps socket statistics.