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Estimate maximum number of connection

The number of simultaneous connections for Aiven for Caching depends on the total available memory on the server.

You can use the following to estimate:

max_number_of_connections = 4 * m

where m represents the memory in megabytes. With at least 10,000 connections available, even on the smallest servers. For example, on a server with 4 GB memory (4,096 MB), the estimated simultaneous connections are:

4 * 4096 = 16384 connections

Make sure to convert the memory figure m to megabytes.

This number is an estimate based on the available memory, so it varies between plans and cloud providers. To see the exact maximum connections allowed for your specific service, use the redis-cli with the info command as follows:

echo "info" | redis-cli -u REDIS_URI | grep maxclients