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Connect with Python

Learn how to connect to an Aiven for Caching service using Python and the redis-py library.


Replace the following placeholders in the code sample with actual values from your service overview page:

SERVICE_URIURI for the Aiven for Caching service connection


To install the redis-pylibrary, run the following command:

pip install redis


Create a file named and insert the code below, substituting the placeholder with your Aiven for Caching URI:

import redis

def main():
redis_uri = 'REDIS_URI'
redis_client = redis.from_url(redis_uri)

redis_client.set('key', 'hello world')
key = redis_client.get('key').decode('utf-8')

print('The value of key is:', key)

if __name__ == '__main__':

This code creates a key named key with the value hello world without an expiration. It then retrieves this key from the caching service and outputs its value.

Execute the script with:


On some systems, using python3 is necessary to access Python 3 instead of the earlier Python 2.

Successful execution results in the following output:

The value of key is: hello world