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Restricted Aiven for Caching commands

To ensure the stability and security of the caching environment, the Aiven for Caching service restricts certain commands. This section aims to provide you with a list of disabled/restricted commands.

Disabled commands

For optimal performance and security, Aiven for Caching disables the following commands:

  • bgrewriteaof: Initiates a background append-only file rewrite.
  • cluster: Manages Caching cluster commands.
  • command: Provides details about all Caching commands.
  • debug: Contains sub-commands for debugging Caching.
  • failover: Manages manual failover of a master to a replica.
  • migrate: Atomically transfers a key from a Caching instance to another one.
  • role: Returns the role of the instance in the context of replication.
  • slaveof: Makes the server a replica of another instance, or promotes it as master.
  • acl: Manages Caching Access Control Lists.
  • bgsave: Creates a snapshot of the dataset into a dump file.
  • config: Alters the configuration of a running Caching server.
  • lastsave: Returns the UNIX timestamp of the last successful save to disk.
  • monitor: Streams back every command processed by the Caching server.
  • replicaof: Makes the server a replica of another instance.
  • save: Synchronously saves the dataset to disk.
  • shutdown: Synchronously saves the dataset to disk and shuts down the server.

Disabled eval commands

The following script evaluation commands in the Aiven for Caching service are disabled. If you require these commands to be enabled, contact Aiven support.

  • eval: Executes a Lua script server-side.
  • eval_ro: Read-only variant of the eval command.
  • evalsha: Executes a script cached on the server side by its SHA1 digest.
  • evalsha_ro: Read-only variant of the evalsha command.
  • fcall: Calls a Caching function.
  • fcall_ro: Read-only variant of the fcall command.
  • function: Manages Caching functions.
  • script: Manages the script cache.