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Aiven for Caching overview

Aiven for Caching, a fully managed in-memory NoSQL database, offers efficient storage and quick data access in your preferred cloud. This service is compatible with legacy Redis® OSS up to version 7.2.4, facilitating seamless transitions and compatibility.

For insights into he service name change and the latest updates, read the blog post.

With Aiven, you can leverage the power of this in-memory database to improve the performance of your applications by setting up high-performance data caching. Additionally, it can be integrated seamlessly into your observability stack for purposes such as logging and monitoring.

Aiven for Caching supports a wide range of data structures, including strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs, geospatial indexes, and streams.

Features and benefits of Aiven for Caching

Aiven for Caching has many features that make it easy and stress-free to use:

  • Managed service: Fully managed service, so you don't have to worry about setup, management, or updates. Aiven provides tools and integrations to help you use this in-memory data store in your data pipelines.
  • Fast and easy deployment: Launch a production-ready service within minutes. Choose from multiple public clouds across numerous global regions, using high-performance clusters with optimally selected instance types and storage options.
  • Integration with data infrastructure: Aiven ensures secure network connectivity using VPC peering, PrivateLink, or TransitGateway technologies. Aiven integrates with various observability tooling, including Datadog, Prometheus, and Jolokia, or you can use Aiven's observability tools for improved monitoring and logging.
  • DevOps-friendly management and development: Manage your caching solution using Aiven Console, Aiven CLI, or Terraform . Features like scaling, forking, and upgrading your Aiven for Caching cluster are simple and efficient. Compatible with open-source software, it integrates with your existing applications and facilitates cloud and regional migrations.
  • Backups and disaster recovery: Automatic and configurable backups ensure data safety. Backups are performed every 24 hours, with retention periods varying by service plan.

Ways to use Aiven for Caching

  • Use Aiven for Caching and its in-memory data store technology as a supplementary data system alongside primary databases like PostgreSQL®.
  • Ideal for transient data, caching values for quick access, and data that can be reestablished, such as session data. While this service is not inherently a persistent storage solution, it can be configured for persistence.