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Set up VPC peering on AWS

Learn how to set up VPC peering on AWS.


Create a VPC on the Aiven platform.

Set up VPC peering

  1. Open your AWS Console.

  2. Go to My Account and make note of your account ID.

  3. Go to the VPC service to find the VPC to connect and copy its ID.

  4. In Aiven Console, select VPCs from the sidebar on the Services page.

  5. On the Virtual private clouds page, select the VPC connection that you created.

  6. On the VPC Peering connections page, enter your AWS account ID and VPC ID, select the region for your AWS VPC, and select Add peering connection.


    A new connection with the Pending Acceptance status is added in your AWS Console.

  7. In your AWS Console, ensure the account ID and VPC ID match those listed in the Aiven Console and, if so, click Actions > Accept Request.

  8. Update your AWS route tables to match your Aiven CIDR settings.

When you accept the request in AWS Console, the peering connection gets activated in the Aiven Console.