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Search for services

On the Services page in Aiven Console, you can search for services by keywords and narrow down the results using filters.

Search by keyword

When you search by keyword, Aiven Console shows all services that have the matching words in the service name, plan, cloud provider, and tags.

Filter search results with the UI

To filter search results:

  1. Click Filter list.
  2. Select the filters of your choice.

Filter with a query

You can type filter queries. The supported filters are the following:

  • service
  • status
  • provider
  • region

Use several filters by separating them by a comma. You can use these filters alongside keyword searches.

All running PostgreSQL® services that are hosted on AWS or Google Cloud
service:pg status:running provider:aws,google
All powered off Kafka® services with 'production' in the name
production service:kafka status:poweroff

Filter by service type

To filter the services by service type, use these filter values:

Service nameFilter value
Apache Cassandra®cassandra
Apache Flink®flink
Apache Kafka®kafka
Apache Kafka® Connectkafkaconnect
Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2mirrormaker
M3 Aggregator®m3aggregator
M3 Coordinator®m3coordinator

Filter by status

You can filter the services to show only those that are running, powered off, rebuilding, or rebalancing.

Supported status values:

  • running
  • poweroff
  • rebuilding
  • rebalancing

Filter by cloud provider

To filter the services by the cloud provider they are hosted on, use these filter values:

Cloud providerFilter value
Amazon Web Services (AWS)aws
Digital Oceando
Google Cloud Provider (GCP)google

Filter by cloud region

Find the supported values for the region filter in the Cloud column of the tables in List of available cloud regions.

All services in the AWS 'eu-central-1' region