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Change a service plan

Adjust the plan of your services at any time to scale your services as needed and optimize costs. You can also adjust disk storage without changing your plan.

  1. In your project, click Services and open a service.
  2. On the left-side menu, click Service settings.
  3. In the Service plan section, click Actions > Change plan.
  4. In the Change service plan dialog, choose the new service plan and tier.
  5. Click Change.

Your service's state becomes Rebuilding and remains accessible. When the state switches to Running, your new service plan is active.

  • You can also use the service update CLI to scale your service plan via the Aiven CLI.
  • When you perform a service upgrade or downgrade horizontally, remember to include all additional disks the service uses. For example, when switching from Startup-4 to Business-4 or from Business-4 to Startup-4, include all the additional disks available for this service.