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Add JumpCloud as an identity provider

Use JumpCloud to give your organization users single sign-on (SSO) access to Aiven.

Prerequisite steps in Aiven Console

Add JumpCloud as an identity provider in the Console.

Configure SAML on JumpCloud

  1. In the JumpCloud admin console, go to SSO.
  2. Select Custom SAML App.
  3. Set the IdP Entity ID.
  4. Set the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) to the Metadata URL from the Aiven Console.
  5. Set the ACS URL to the one from the Aiven Console.
  6. Set the Default RelayState to the homepage of the Aiven Console,
  7. Add an entry in Attribute statements with Service Provider Attribute Name of email and JumpCloud Attribute Name of email.
  8. Set the Login URL to the ACS URL from the Aiven Console.
  9. In User Groups, assign the application to your user groups.
  10. Click Activate.
  11. Download the certificate.

Finish the configuration in Aiven

Go back to the Aiven Console to configure the IdP and complete the setup.