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Configure user provisioning for Okta Limited availabilty

You can automate user provisioning with Okta through System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). This means you can manage your users and their profiles in one place, Okta, and push those changes to the Aiven platform.

Aiven’s integration with Okta supports these features:

  • Push new users: Users created in Okta are automatically created as managed users in Aiven.
  • Push profile updates: User profile updates in Okta are pushed to Aiven. Profiles for these users cannot be changed in Aiven.
  • Push user deactivation: Users that are deactivated or removed in Okta are deactivated in Aiven. You can manually delete users in Aiven after they are deactivated.
  • Push groups: Groups created or updated in Okta are created and updated in Aiven.


Configure user provisioning for Okta

  1. In Okta, click Applications and go to the Aiven application.
  2. Click Provisioning.
  3. Click Settings > Integration > Configure API Integration.
  4. Select Enable API Integration.
  5. In the API Token field, paste the Access token from the Aiven Console.
  6. Click Test API Credentials to confirm the connection is working and save the configuration.
  7. Click Sign On.
  8. In the Credentials Details section, select Email as the Application username format.
  9. Click Save.


If you have problems setting up the Okta SCIM integration, contact the support team.