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Create a service

Create the service of your choice at any point.

  1. Log in to Aiven Console and open your project.

  2. From your project, on the left-side menu, click Services > Create service.

  3. From the Select service page, click a service type.

  4. Select the cloud provider and region to host your service on.


    The pricing for the same service can vary between different providers and regions. The service summary shows you the pricing for your selected options.

  5. Select a service plan.


    This determines the number of servers and the memory, CPU, and disk resources allocated to your service. See Plans & Pricing.

  6. Optional: Add disk storage.

  7. Enter a name for your service.


    You cannot change the name after you create the service. You can fork the service with a new name instead.

  8. Optional: Add tags.

  9. Click Create service.

The new service opens on the Overview page, which shows the connection parameters for your service, its current status, and the configuration options.

The status of the service is Rebuilding during its creation. When the status becomes Running, you can start using it.


Services typically start up in a couple of minutes. It can vary between cloud providers and regions.