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Enable bring your own cloud (BYOC)

Enabling the bring your own cloud (BYOC) feature allows you to create custom clouds in your Aiven organization.


Enabling the BYOC feature or creating custom clouds in your Aiven environment does not affect the configuration of your existing Aiven organizations, projects, or services. It only allows you to run Aiven services in your cloud provider account.

Required access

You must be a super admin to enable this feature.

About enabling BYOC

To be able to create custom clouds on the Aiven platform, first you need to enable the BYOC feature. Aiven Console offers a quick and easy way to set up a short call with the Aiven sales team to identify your use cases and confirm the requirements. In the call, we make sure BYOC can address them, and we check your environment eligibility for the feature.


Before enabling BYOC, confirm your eligibility and review the limitations.


BYOC is supported with the standard deployment model only.

Enable BYOC

  1. Log in to Aiven Console as an administrator.

  2. Select the organization.

  3. Click Admin.

  4. Click Bring your own cloud.

  5. In the Bring your own cloud view, click Contact us.

  6. In the Contact us window, enter your email address and country. Select the cloud provider, add any other information you think might be relevant, and click Confirm.

    The scheduling assistant shows up so that you can schedule a short call with the Aiven sales team to proceed on your BYOC enablement request.

  7. Using the scheduling assistant, select a date and time when you want to talk to our sales team to share your requirements and make sure BYOC suits your needs. Confirm the selected time, make sure you add the call to your calendar, and close the the scheduling assistant.

  8. Join the scheduled call with our sales team to follow up with them on enabling BYOC in your environment.

    If the call reveals BYOC addresses your needs and your environment is eligible for BYOC, the feature will be enabled for your Aiven organization.

Next steps

With BYOC activated in your Aiven organization, you can use custom clouds: