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Manage a cross-region backup Limited availabilty

For a service that has the backup to another region (BTAR) feature enabled, you can check the service backup status, change the backup region, monitor the replication lag, fork and restore using the cross-region backup, or migrate to another cloud or region.


You have at least one Aiven service with BTAR enabled.

Change a backup region

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console.
  2. From the Services view, select an Aiven service on which you'd like to enable BTAR.
  3. On your service's page, select Backups from the sidebar.
  4. On the Backups page, select the actions (...) menu > Secondary backup location.
  5. In the Edit secondary backup location window, use the Secondary location menu to select a region for your additional backup. Confirm your choice by selecting Save.

You can change the backup region once in 24 hours.

Monitor a service with BTAR

There are a few things you may want to check for your Aiven service in the context of BTAR:

  • What is the status of a secondary backup?

    • Does your service has a backup in another region?
    • What is the target region of the secondary backup?
  • What is the replication lag between data availability in the primary region and the secondary region?

Check BTAR status in the console

To see the availability, the status, and the target region of a secondary (BTAR) backup in the Aiven Console, go to your service's page > Backups view > Secondary backup location column.

Determine replication lag with API

Determine the target region and the replication lag for a secondary (BTAR) backup of your service, call the ServiceBackupToAnotherRegionReport endpoint.

Configure the call as follows:

  2. Specify DESIRED-TIME-PERIOD depending on the time period you need the metrics for: select one of the following values for the period key: hour, day, week, month, or year.
curl --request POST                                                                                                     \
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR-BEARER-TOKEN' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--data '{"period":"DESIRED-TIME-PERIOD"}'

As output, you get metrics including replication lags at specific points in time.

Fork and restore a service with BTAR

You can use the Aiven Console to recover your service from a backup in another region. To restore your service using BTAR, create a fork of the original service in the region where the secondary backup resides.


When you Fork & restore from the secondary backup, your new fork service is created in the cloud and region where the secondary backup is located. The fork service gets the same plan that the primary service uses. Backups of the fork service are located in the region where this new service is hosted.

  1. Open the Aiven Console and go to your service homepage.

  2. Select Backups from the sidebar.

  3. On the Backups page, select Fork & restore.

  4. In the New database fork window, apply the following settings:

    1. As Source backup location, select Secondary location.

    2. Specify a name for the new fork service.

    3. Select Create fork.

Migrate a service with BTAR

You can migrate a service with BTAR the same way you migrate a service with a regular backup.


When you migrate your service, locations of service backups, both primary and secondary ones, do not change.