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Power on/off a service

Controlling when to power on and off your Aiven services allows you to control the use of resources and save credits. Idle resources are released and only the necessary data is kept after a power-off. The impact on the service is different depending on the service type and plan.

Aiven service power off and power on can be done on Aiven Console or through Aiven CLI.

Power off a service

Kafka services
  • For Kafka services with backups: Topic configuration, schemas and connectors are all backed up, but not the data in topics. All topic data is lost on power off.

  • For Kafka services without backups: Topic configurations including all topic data is lost on power off.

  1. From your project, on the left-side menu, click Services.
  2. For each the service to power, click Actions > Power off service

Whenever a service is powered off:

  • All virtual machines of the service are removed from the public cloud.

  • The service information and configuration are stored on Aiven Platform. All service data is lost if there's no backup available.

  • If the service has time-based or PITR (point in time recovery) backups, the backups are kept on the Aiven Platform.

    See Backups at Aiven.


Services powered off for more than 180 consecutive days are automatically deleted. A notification is sent before the deletion.

Toggle the service on and off to prevent automatic deletion.


Static IP addresses are not disassociated/deleted when a service is powered off or deleted. They continue to generate the usual costs.

To remove static IP addresses, see Manage static IP addresses.

When a service is powered off, you can delete it.

Power on a service

  1. From your project, on the left-side menu, click Services.
  2. For each the service to power, click Actions > Power on service

When a service is powered on:

  • New virtual machines are created on the service's specified public cloud.

  • The service starts with the stored configuration parameters.

  • The latest time-based backup is restored. The restoration takes from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on:

    • The network bandwidth
    • Disk IOPS allocated to the service plan
    • The size of the backup.

    Smaller plans with larger backups take longer time than bigger plans with smaller backups.

    Contact the support team to inquire about the progress.

  • If PITR backup is available, the database transaction log (for example, WAL for PostgreSQL®, binlog for MySQL) are replayed to recover the service data to a specific point in time.


Maintenance updates are automatically applied when a service is powered on as new virtual machines are created for the service to run on.

Delete a service

You can only delete powered-off services. This action cannot be undone.

  1. From your project, on the left-side menu, click Services.
  2. On the Services page, use the search bar to locate a specific powered off service or the filter to display a list of services with status Powered off.
  3. Click the service to display its details.
  4. On the top-right corner, click Actions > Delete service and confirm.