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Corporate billing

Everyone has their preferred way of paying for services. At Aiven, we give you the flexibility to pay by credit card or receive invoices for your Aiven services.

Credit card payments

The default billing method for all new Aiven customers is credit card. All costs accrued over a calendar month are charged on the first day of the following month.

Services are billed by the hour. The costs are automatically calculated based on the services running in a project. Each project is charged separately, but the charges for multiple projects can be consolidated by assigning them to a billing group. Likewise, organizations can have multiple billing groups.

Credit card fees

The prices listed of our website and in your invoices are inclusive of all credit card and processing fees related to the charges that are visible to us and payable by us. This includes transaction fees with our credit card processor (Stripe) and the fees various card issuers charge from merchants.

Some credit card issuers may unfortunately add extra charges on top of the fees charged by us from your cards. The most common such fee is an "international transaction fee" charged by some issuers for all transactions where the native countries of the merchant (in case of us, Finland), processor (in case of us, United States), bank and card are different. The fee may be applied even if the card was charged in the card's default currency (USD).

Such fees are not added by Aiven and are not visible to us or our credit card processor, so we're unable to include them in our prices or waive the fees.

Invoice payments

We offer corporate billing options for customers who have at least 1,000 USD in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). This corporate billing option provides monthly invoices that are generated at the end of the month based on actual usage. The invoices for usage are automatically generated by our backend, and a PDF is emailed to the billing email address configured in the Aiven Console.

Prices for Aiven services are always defined in US dollars, but invoices can also be sent in other currencies. Invoices in different currencies are created based on the exchange rates on the date of the invoice:

  • Australian dollars
  • Canadian dollars
  • Swiss francs
  • Danish kroner
  • Euros
  • Pounds sterling
  • Japanese yen
  • Norwegian kroner
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Swedish kronor
  • US dollars

To switch from credit card charges to corporate billing, make sure your billing group details and billing email addresses are up to date in Aiven. Then, contact to request invoice billing.