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About backup to another region for Aiven services

In addition to the primary service backup, you can have a secondary backup in an alternative location.

About BTAR

Backup to another region (BTAR) is a disaster recovery feature that allows backup files to be copied from the service's primary backup region to an additional (secondary) region. BTAR can bolster data resilience and helps improve data protection against disasters in the primary backup region. When the primary region is down, BTAR allows forking the service from an additional copy of the backup residing in a secondary region.

BTAR is supported for the following services:

  • Aiven for PostgreSQL®
  • Aiven for MySQL®

How BTAR works

When you enable the backup to another region (BTAR) feature, an additional service backup is created in the cloud region of your choice that is alternative to the primary backup location.

Secondary backups are generated from primary backups, not from the service itself. For this reason, your secondary backup becomes available only after the primary backup is taken. There might be a data replication lag between the primary region and the secondary region.

Restoring from a secondary backup, for example in case of an outage of the primary region, can be done by creating a fork of the service in the region where the secondary backup is located.


  • BTAR is supported for Aiven for MySQL® and Aiven for PostgreSQL®.
  • The cloud provider for your additional backup region must match the cloud provider for your service and the primary backup.
  • Secondary backup can only be restored in the region where it was stored.
  • Secondary backup is generated only after a primary backup is complete, and there might be a data replication lag between the primary region and the secondary region.