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Set up marketplace subscriptions

Aiven makes its services available through the various Marketplaces and you can create a subscription that links the accounts.

Marketplace setup

  1. Go to Aiven Managed Database on AWS Marketplace.

  2. Click View purchase options.

  3. Click Subscribe. You will NOT be charged. This only sets up a billing subscription between AWS and Aiven. You will only be charged after deploying Aiven services.

  4. Click Set up your account. This takes you to the Aiven Console to complete the process.

Aiven account setup

  1. After you are redirected to the AWS signup page at Aiven, register or log in.
  2. Choose or create an Aiven organization to use the AWS subscription for.

To move existing Aiven projects to this AWS subscription, see Move from Aiven direct billing to AWS Marketplace.

If you have any issues linking Aiven to your AWS subscription, repeat the process in the AWS web console by finding the Aiven subscription and clicking Set up your account.


The URL to log into your AWS subscription is Do not confuse it with Aiven Console URL: